TrueNews.Global will not be another Facebook, nor are we striving to become a major news network. Instead, we are working to make it easier for everyone to get the WHOLE story when it comes to what is happening in the world. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the ways that TrueNews.Global is different than the other places you may get your news. 

Focus on facts and evidence

On TrueNews.Global, news stories will be based on facts and supporting evidence, rather than emotion and opinion.

Every story that is published will go through a moderation process to make sure that there is evidence to support all of the facts in the story. This way, users can see all of the information, get the full story and decide for themselves what they think about it. 

They can also vote on whether or not they agree with a story, fact or piece of evidence, and discuss their thoughts directly on the story. Additionally, users can set up custom searches to find the news that is most important to them.

Collaboration and corroboration

As newsrooms across the country continue to face budget cuts and layoffs, they are increasingly reliant on user-generated content to supplement and corroborate their reporting. For example, during breaking news events, user-generated content can provide eyewitness accounts and real-time updates that would otherwise be unavailable. In addition, user-generated content can help to humanize stories and give a voice to marginalized communities.

When used in conjunction with traditional reporting methods, user-generated content can help newsrooms connect with their communities and provide a more comprehensive picture of the news. TrueNews aims to provide the public with a more holistic view of news by creating an environment where journalists and the community can collaborate and corroborate.

Coverage without censorship

From students to mainstream veterans, reporters at every level are facing censorship. On TrueNews.Global, stories will go through a moderation process, but will not be censored. As long as a story meets the requirements for including and citing facts and evidence, it will be published. Furthermore, TrueNews.Global will not be dependent on advertising revenue, removing the potential for corporations or wealthy individuals to influence coverage.  

More security and transparency

To ensure only real people use the network, users are given a single, unique lifetime account and a secure alias independent of their real identity. User alias activity will be visible and transparent, and there is a system in place to calculate and present user reputation scores. This creates an environment that fosters accountability without compromising privacy. Users will also be able to see a log of any changes that were made to stories, facts and evidence to ensure transparency.

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