Frequently Asked Questions

How will TrueNews.Global help journalists?
TrueNews.Global can help eliminate the duplication of systems and effort, helping the news organizations be more cost-efficient, and supporting citizen journalists as well (who play an important role given the challenges with budget and staffing in news organizations and the increasing lack of news resources in rural areas).
Are you touting yourself to be a leader in news coverage?
No, we don’t believe the news industry needs some uber-leader, there are many great journalists, editors and others in the industry. Our role is to be a provider of a uniquely secure platform that facilitates not only a better way of bringing news to the world but helping people avoid surveillance and take back control of their data.
Is a news organization? is not a news organization. We don’t have any news creators on staff, we are a news platform, helping news viewers and creators interact and find their truth.
Is TrueNews supported by advertisers?
No. Unlike other news sources or social media platforms, TrueNews.Global will not rely on advertising. Additionally, TrueNews is not backed by large investors. Instead, we are preparing for our first crowdfunding campaign.
Are you a team of fact-checkers?

We are not fact-checkers. Our purpose is to bring Facts and Evidence into a single place, so readers can make up their own minds. but we’re surfacing those Facts and Evidence and let the readers make up their own minds. Our moderation process simply focuses on whether facts and supporting evidence has been included. Users can comment on that news item and vote on whether they think a given piece of evidence is real or fake or if a fact is true or false given the evidence.

Will your project be structured as a B Corp?

It’s our intent to be structured as a B corp, there’s a bunch of work to do in order to achieve that designation, so it won’t happen immediately, but it is our goal. Whether we have the B Corp destination or not, we will be 100% transparent about how project money is spent and all other aspects of the organization.

Does TrueNews.Global cater to certain political beliefs?
No. The reason TrueNews.Global exists is because we don’t believe bias belongs in the news. We aim to empower consumers to educate themselves and make their own decisions.
Is TrueNews.Global affiliated with TruNews and Rick Wiles?
Absolutely not. We have no connections to Rick Wiles, and we spell it “TrueNews,” with an ‘e.’ 
Who founded TrueNews.Global?
Kirk Sullivan, an avid news consumer with a background in technology and data security, is the founder of TrueNews.Global. Although he isn’t a reporter, he regularly consults with journalists to better understand their needs.
What is different about TrueNews.Global compared to Post.News?

The big difference is that we are allowing anyone to publish Stories, as well as Facts and Evidence that support those Stories. And you can’t publish a Story unless it contains a minimum of Facts and Evidence.

Is this project really possible? There’s a lot to it…

Absolutely the project is possible. We’ve been in development for a number of years, and have a large percentage of the back-end (API’s, software components, infrastructure) and front-end (user interface) pieces defined. Don’t get us wrong, this is a complex project, but we’ve got the right expertise working on it!

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