The role of a local journalist goes beyond simply reporting the news. They are the eyes and ears of our communities, telling stories that need to be heard, and giving voice to the voiceless. As we move further into the digital age, local journalists play an even more important role in our society by serving as a watchdog for truth and justice, yet they are working with fewer resources than ever. TrueNews.Global aims to help with that, but first, let’s discuss the importance of local newsrooms.

Providing a Voice for the Community

Local journalists provide an important voice for those in the community who may not otherwise be heard. In small towns and rural areas, especially, these reporters often cover stories that would otherwise go untold or unnoticed. They are also able to bring attention to issues and events that are close to home, rather than relying on larger national news sources for coverage. This gives locals a greater sense of connection to what’s happening in their own backyard. 

Holding Power to Account

Journalism plays an essential role in holding those in power accountable. Without investigative reporting, local government officials, police departments and other powerful organizations could go unchecked or abuse their power without consequence. Local journalists report on potential wrongdoing by those in positions of authority and can often bring about change as a result of their reports.

Exposing Injustices 

Local journalists are also instrumental in exposing injustices within the community that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. Whether it’s covering unfair housing practices or highlighting racial injustices, local reporters can provide a platform from which voices can be heard loud and clear and empower people to take action when necessary.  

TrueNews & Local News

Local journalism plays an invaluable role in our communities by providing a voice for those who might not otherwise be heard, holding power to account, and exposing injustices when necessary. Yet, many newsrooms are operating with fewer resources – and staff members – than ever before. TrueNews.Global will support local, regional and national newsrooms by providing a place where journalists and citizens can come together to collaborate, corroborate, share the facts and stay informed.

We owe it to ourselves as citizens to support our local journalists as they continue to make sure that truth is being reported accurately and fairly within our communities each day. Without them, we would be much less informed about what’s going on around us—and much less empowered to do something about it when necessary. Help support our work so that we can support theirs – visit our crowdfunding campaign to learn more.

Do you know of a local reporter or newsroom doing phenomenal work? Tell us about it and we’ll give them a shoutout on social media. Click here to get in touch.