Journalism acts as a balance of power, supporting accountability the world over.

Journalism as a source of truth is under attack –

from high editorialized content, fake news, and disinformation campaigns, to both social media and search engine algorithms that polarize us by selecting what to show us. 

We can save journalism and create an open yet secure environment for social networking with TrueNews.

A true alternative to existing social networks, where news stories are created in a transparent, democratic fashion, tied to independently verified evidence and driven by user interest and engagement; where open discussion and debate is encouraged while protecting users from both censorship and abuse; and good reporting is rewarded based on quality and accuracy not popularity or agenda.

TrueNews will drive engagement through

➥ The introduction of news stories AND the facts and evidence behind them

➥ Social interaction via comments and voting

➥ User defined searches on topics of interest to the reader

TrueNews saves journalism by

➥ Increasing viewership through injection  of social aspects 

➥ Creating a reward model for good journalism, driven by user engagement

➥ Supporting both citizen and professional journalists

TrueNews protects readers’ and creators’ identities by

➥ Ensuring only real people use the network 

➥ Giving each user a single, unique lifetime account and a secure alias independent of their real identity

➥ Making all user alias activity visible 

➥ Calculating and presenting user reputation scores

Tired of existing social networks where highly editorialized news content and polarizing opinion pieces are delivered by algorithm, undifferentiated from evidence-based journalism, fostering confusion, trolling, and discord?

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