Meet The Founder of TrueNews

My name is Kirk Sullivan, and I, like many others, grew tired of having to spend time figuring out what was true and what was false when it came to information. I founded TrueNews because I wanted to offer a place where accurate, up-to-date news – complete with citations – is easily accessible. This comes at a time when it is critical to combat fake news and disinformation around the globe.

A positive contribution

I’m not a politician or lobbyist, nor am I a credentialed journalist, but I am passionate about making the world better. I have always believed that people are basically good, but the events of the last decade have left me questioning that belief. Technology is an incredibly powerful thing, and this project came about because I feel that too often, through intention or side effects, it causes more problems than it solves.

TrueNews is part of a much bigger vision to help people by leveraging technology for good. It is a place where you can find your truth and understand different perspectives. Ultimately, it offers an opportunity to find common ground with others, regardless of what country they are from or what side of the political aisle they’re on. 

My background

I come from a spot just outside Detroit and have spent decades in technology and business. It all started at Mcdonald’s, where my first job led me to discover a lifelong passion for making things more efficient and people more productive. From that came my consulting company, Execute Inc., as well as jobs at great places such as Disney and IBM. That, coupled with many years of work across many industries led to the vision for this project and as well as several other related pieces that I hope to share as this evolves. I’m looking forward to seeing TrueNews bring people together. If you, too, seek the truth and have the means, you can support TrueNews during our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Check back for the latest details.

Kirk Sullivan

Kirk Sullivan

Founder of TrueNews